A Digital Software Platform for Shipping Industry

Idealx enterprise software application is used by freight forwarders, air, land & ocean carriers, distribution centres and customs clearing agents. Idealx is available as own branded and subscription-based software platform for the freight forwarding & logistics companies at an affordable budget with shared or dedicated hosting on cloud computing. Making it easy for your team to select your preferred alternative. Transform your business into digital freight business without your own IT team and heavy investment.

The world’s first complete digital software platform for freight & logistics industry.

CRM & Sales | Freight Forwarding | Road & Rail | Warehouse | Customs | Book & Track | Rates| Accounting | HR & Payroll | Air Courier | Big Data Analytics

One platform, covering multiple modes for forwarders, carriers, shipper & consignee
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Idealx offers a unique solution to all sizes of companies and business needs, whether you incorporate booking system into your existing application to reduce overhead and increase your bookings while giving control to your customers or want to opt a full enterprise solution for your back office.

High ROI & Business Process Automation

Idealx platform offers high return on investment (ROI) and speed up your business process with ease.


Reduction on Operational Overhead & Process Delay


Increase in Bookings through Automation


Reduction on Sales Cost

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